Every Lithuanian citizen or any foreign citizen can become a member of the Society if he/she agrees with its goals and agrees to follow the bylaws. Lithuanian or foreign legal body may also become a member of the Society, and the requirements for legal bodies are the same as for a person. They have to express their wish to become a member of the Society by filling the form below and by paying the entrance and annual fees that are determined by the board of the Society.


Press here for bylaws of the Lithuanian Biophysical society 


An annual membership fee can be paid to the bank account.

To:  Lietuvos biofizikų draugija, Vileikos 8, Kaunas LT-44404

Code: 191975123,  AB bank “SwedBank”,

IBAN: LT217300010088535167

The name and surname must be indicated in the purpose of the payment section!