About us

Lithuanian Biophysical Society (LBPS) evolved from Lithuanian Biophysics Club (LBPC)

which was established in July 13, 1999 and registered by The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. At the end of 2012 a steering group was elected that has developed new bylaws. The general meeting has voted for the change of the name of the Lithuanian Biophysics Club to Lithuanian Biophysical Society (LBPS).

The new baylaws of the LBPS were approved in 30th April 2013.

Lithuanian Biophysical Society is a voluntary, independent social-scientific association whose purpose is to foster and develop the science and studies in biophysics in Lithuania, to represent Lithuania in the European Biophysical Societies’ Association (EBSA), to collaborate with other Lithuanian scientific organizations, to coordinate activities of its members, to represent and defend the Association members’ interests, to preserve and continue the traditions of Lithuanian science.

In accordance with statutes the main goal of the Lithuanian of Biophysical Society is development of studies and research in biophysics, and their practical application. 

Main objectives:

  • To represent the Association members’ rights, to defend their legitimate interests in the state, public and international organizations;
  • To collect and disseminate information about major biophysical events, funding possibilities, projects both in Lithuania and abroad;
  • To collect and disseminate information on the Lithuanian biophysical research groups and their ongoing research;
  • To participate in activities of Lithuanian education policy;
  • To publicize Lithuanian achievements in biophysics;
  • To disseminate biophysical knowledge in Lithuanian schools;
  • To promote and support the various forms of education of young researches in biophysics.


The highest management body of the Society is its general meeting, convened by the Society council at least once per 5 years. General meeting elects the Society Council.

Council members: 

Chairman –  prof. Saulius Šatkauskas,

Society Council:

Secretary –  PhD Paulius Ruzgys,
Treasurer –  PhD student Diana Navickaitė,

Regular Society Council members:
– prof. Aidas Alaburda,
– prof. Daumantas Matulis,
– prof. Ričardas Rotomskis,
– PhD student Greta Jarockytė.

Associated members:

– prof. Vytenis Arvydas Skeberdis,
– PhD. Arūnas Stirkė,
– PhD. Rimantas Treinys,
– PhD student Vilmantas Pupkis,
– PhD student Joana Smirnovienė.