Lithuanian Biophysical Society for the first time celebrarates International Biophysics Week. We are very proud to invite you to a lecture Biophysics, past, present and future perspectives – and some recent insights into water in receptor action“ by the past president of EBSA (European Biophysical Societies’ Association) Prof. Anthony Watts.

Biophysics is called the “bridging science”; bridging physics, theory and modelling to biology. It could be argued that as far back as the early civilizations, any physical phenomenon that has been applied to investigate or exploit biology, is biophysics. Hooke’s development of microscopes or Newton’s primitive spectroscopy, and much more, cannot be ignored, any more than 20th century contemporary molecular biophysics. A brief history of biophysics and some crystal ball gazing for the development of the field, will be followed by a description of water involvement in receptor activation/desensitization from recent high resolution structural studies.

The event will be moderated by the Chair of Lithuanian Biophysical Society Prof. Saulius Šatkauskas. The lecture will be held in English on March 23rd 12:00 EET on Microsoft Teams.

Link to the event:


All are welcome!