LITHUANIAN BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY invites members and like-minded people to allocate their share of personal income taxes (for those that work and pay taxes in Lithuania) paid in the previous calendar year (up to 1.2%) to support the activities of the society.

The funds raised will be used:

  • Organization of international conferences;
  • Arranging public lectures for the public and club members;
  • For science promotion activities.



What needs to be done to allocate 1.2 percent ?

To do this, you need to indicate that you want to transfer the part of your personal income tax (up to 1.2%) to the LITHUANIAN BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY/ LIETUVOS BIOFIZIKŲ DRAUGIJA. You can do this until May 1st.

  • Join the Electronic Declaration System (Elektroninio deklaravimo sistema) developed by the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI): ;
  • Find the application form for the transfer of part of the fee to the beneficiaries (FR0512) and fill in the following data:
    • Beneficiary identification number (code) – 191975123
    • The purpose of the tax part is the Lietuvos biofizikų draugyja
    • The amount of the tax share (in percent) is 1.2 percent. or less
    • Specify the period of the tax portion to be allocated

More information on how to fill in form FR0512 can be found at the following link:

Thank you for your cooperation and trust!